We will not beholding a derby in 2016.

It has been predicted to be a unusually warm winter, and we do not foresee adequate ice conditions. We are hoping that we can have another successful derby in 2017 after the lake is dredged.

Weekly Ice House Winners 2015

All pre-registrants will be eligible to win an ice house each week during January.

The ice house winners will be notified here and by Jim Flowers each Friday in January on Channel 3 on the 6:00 p.m. news.

Watch for the chance to win a Shappell Wide House 5500!

January 9th

Bill Morgan is this week's winner:

January 16th

Charles Funk from Blair, NE.

January 23rd

Chase Clark from Omaha, NE

January 30th

Gordon Shannon, Jr. of Council Bluffs.

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